Is the LED Fan Light recommended?
2022-11-09 15:28


Q: Is the LED Fan Light worth buying?

A: The LED Fan Light is a functional light, which has the functions of lighting, ventilation, heat relief and decoration, and does not occupy the floor area, so it is popular.

Q: Which people are suitable for Fan Light?

A: They are sensitive to air conditioners. The front wind of floor Fans is uncomfortable. The indoor space is crowded. If you can use Fans, you don't need air conditioners to cool down. Fan lights can be considered if you want to save electricity.

Q: Which rooms are suitable for Fan Light?

A: Fan lights are most commonly used in dining rooms and bedrooms.

Q: What problems should we pay attention to before considering using Fan Light?

A: 1. Pay attention to the floor height. Ceiling Fan lights are not recommended for those below 2.5M. Ceiling mounted Fan lights are recommended for bedrooms. The main reason is that safety is considered to avoid danger. 2. Attention shall be paid to the light source. Fan lights usually have two types of light caps and module light sources. Those with light caps can buy their own bulbs. The module light source can be roughly understood as a ceiling light. If it is used in a restaurant, it is necessary to ensure sufficient light. It is better to use it with other lights. The light source can adjust light and color better.

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