How To Use Commercial Lighting To Attract Customers?
2022-11-09 15:47

In the commercial space (especially the retail space), Good lighting environment can attract and guide passenger flow, Excellent design of light environment can energy saving and power saving, control of operating costs,The high color rendering ability of light source display high-quality materials, exquisite design, rich color, etc.


Here are some tips for lighting:


LED Track lights

Window is the eye of the store, which is the first place to show in front of customers.

Because the position or display of models has changed a lot in window, it is suggested that the window should adopt LED track lights which can adjust the angle and distance of illumination.

The brightness in the window should be 2-4 times higher than that in the store, but you should not use too much light.

In order to avoid creating a strong discomfort, the contrast between light colors should not be too large. Good window lighting can attract people’s attention, so as to guide consumers into store.


Lighting sense of hierarchicy

The environment is more attractive only when there are levels of lighting.

The key lighting and basic lighting shall be pulled apart for the shop lighting.

The basic lighting meets the brightness requirements of the whole store, while the key lighting emphasizes the product texture, decorative elements, etc.

For key commodities, display areas, middle islands, display walls, etc., the primary and secondary lighting is clear, which is conducive to guiding consumption orientation and ultimately achieving the purpose of transaction.

It is recommended to select high color rendering index RA 90, R9 > 60.

This is helpful for customers to correctly distinguish the color and texture of products, It's necessary to choose the goods that meet your wishes.


Goods Shelf lighting

For some exhibits with strong planarity, rich layers and clear display of various parts, it is necessary to reduce projection or weaken shadow to avoid visual interference.

Clothing store lighting

Fitting room lighting should pay attention to the choice of light source and color temperature.The color rendering index of the light source shall be greater than 80.It is convenient for customers to watch the color and effect of clothing.In order to make the skin color of customers more beautiful, we can appropriately use low color temperature light source to make the color slightly red.Avoid glare in front of fitting mirror.

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