Corporate citizenship

TCL Lighting founded in 2000, is an important strategic industry under TCL,is a research, produce and Marketing of LED industry high-tech enterprises.

Environmental Protection
TCL was awarded the Gold-Tier Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) Electronics Award by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in December 2018. The EPA annually recognizes leaders in the electronics industry, like TCL, for sustainably designing products and processes, while also keeping electronics out of landfills by sending them only to certified third-party recyclers.
Care for Children
TCL received the Giga-Guru award at the Global Purchase Sustainable Development Summit held by Walmart. Project Gigaton is a Walmart initiative to avoid one billion metric tons (a gigaton) of greenhouse gases from the global value chain by 2030. TCL, as a participant of Project Gigaton and a global company, has always been committed to its social responsibility of sustainable development.
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